Part of It

by Kokayi



Stay gold pony cuz johnny done earned his wings
stay gold homie
then she sped off in my z
you caught me slipping at the light
a 38 snubby when
they wild for the night
and shit ain't funny baby
and the rest is just history
fan fare & pink parade
you pay a grip for the masquerade
a 64 impala no Serengeti
gassed up task force
yo they always ready
I've got the lemons making lemonade

we're all a part of it
stones and all
boughs are broken
watch em fall
and the streets is watching
is the alter call

now it's
sixpence and a pipe of dreams
you got a hype beast feeding from the hype machine
a hypodermic in a spoon
nod at the meter
boom be the best use of my onomatapeia love
jet life if you're not too clean
hold my ladder young
these rungs ain't got much grip
they got a chute for you
but there's a faint smell from all the piss
cuz when the tops in sight
the ceiling gets lowered
it's see through and thats how they all want it
so you can play the simp.



released March 1, 2015
Produced by Kokayi, co-produced by Arsonal



all rights reserved


Kokayi D.C.

Less Talk More Walk is the mantra. Grammy nominated, emcee, producer, educator. I travel in and out of the US and usually work with a live band. Gear: FantomX6, SONAR, W-30, MPC2000XL, Reason and spoons.

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