by Kokayi



recorded at Airshow. mixed by Scott Jacoby at SCOJAC.


met this girl a while ago
she's the finest thing that I ever saw
her name and face are of no consequences
she had a crooked smile with a tattooed heart
the one i brok when it fell apart
i swear this was my one and only regret

she wore leather boots with her fiery hair
scent of honeysuckle and an icy stare
bad girl gone worse is all that comes to mind
biut she left her heart against her will
despite her intuitition started to reveal
the day she shed a tear i made her cry


so she
kick in the door she waved the four four
and all i said was momma dont hit me no more
she kick in the dorr she waved the fur four and
all i said and all i said

see it all went down this way
another girl my chance to play
a subtle thought a brazen act
her forty four and a cigarette
now over this here shot of Patron
i reminisce about i'm almost gone
that fateful day and my casual fling

she's the one for a me
a hundred stitches and a wedding ring
proclaimed my love and told her i'd be true
she just laughed on and stitched my eye
told me before you leave you'll be the one to die
that was a year and a kid ago
remember baby ain't nothing like a woman scorned.



released October 12, 2012
DP- guitar, Ezra- bass, JLaine- drums, ZO! -keys, Kokayi vocals.



all rights reserved


Kokayi D.C.

Less Talk More Walk is the mantra. Grammy nominated, emcee, producer, educator. I travel in and out of the US and usually work with a live band. Gear: FantomX6, SONAR, W-30, MPC2000XL, Reason and spoons.

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