Pro Deo et Patria

by Kokayi

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I'd like to thank my family [Seshat, Dahvi & Phina] for sacrificing their time to allow me to follow my dreams. To ZO!, Ezra, DP, JLAINE, Alison Carney and AC for coming through in the clutch. DC for making me and the rest of the planet for shaping me. To everyone who was an inspiration for every song here. To my main apple scrap, Substantial..thank you my brother. to whom much is given, much is required. i just hope i'm doing the best with it. Easy.


released September 21, 2012

Written, produced and arranged by Kokayi
except where noted.
Mastered by Brett Misner for Cue Recordings
recorded solely in Cockos Reaper



all rights reserved


Kokayi D.C.

Less Talk More Walk is the mantra. Grammy nominated, emcee, producer, educator. I travel in and out of the US and usually work with a live band. Gear: FantomX6, SONAR, W-30, MPC2000XL, Reason and spoons.

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Track Name: Birdus Ghetti
I'll tell you bout these birds
the rarest kind to see
unless you living baby
living sorta close to me
They all come out at night
with a giant eye
its blazing like the sun got free

Cuz they be Flying high love
Just to see what they can see
And if u come out at night
And then you fit that type love
They Swooping down and charge u with a felony

See they ain't the early type
they hunting for them worms
they make it sound dirty when they squawk your name
They on they perch at times
Rolling with guns on fire
I swear they trigger happy
When they go untamed


they saying
Caw boy
hold up that wall boy
They tweeting from the skies above
And then their friends in kind
respond in lingua swine
put you in them metal cuffs
why that man


caw caw baby doll won't you all get free.
Track Name: Under 1's Mask
1 leaf fall into bag full of wishes
Brand new skin a well known prescription
for all that ails
You throw another brick in
Just to keep em all guessing
Ya number 1 mission
But ya make up run
Ya mask keeps slipping
Caught a glimpse of the square peg you know you barely even fit it
The straps to tight
You feel so suffocated
Yearning for that relief
a millennia of waiting

So when the wall falls down
When that truth come out
What u gwan do
When it all leaks out
when the walls fall down

New day a new inquisition
put a new face you got a new set of limits
True set of facts with you brand new religion
and your Brand new cast
It's all so well written
don't sway tow a party line
Cast a wary stone
wear a new disguise hide
Another feeling as you swallow up your pride
but your face keeps saggin when you smile


Ya can't hide light under 1 bushel
Ya can't tuck a chain
When a man seen you glisten
You can't stop the rain of emotions
once you're smitten
It is written
And the tighter ya costume
the more it hurts to breath in when it
so baby what's your season
you wear a mask for a reason

Track Name: Wayyts
Young boy lost his life today now
ooh woah ooh woah i wanna know
if justice is blind who is gonna pay now?
ooh woah ooh woah uh huh uh huh
pay for the tears and the stolen moments
for the memories that will never be mentioned
dreams that will never be fulfilled
we forfeit the children

I'm saying whose gonna take the weight
I'm saying who's gonna carry the burden
I'm saying whose gonna keep the faith
I'm saying gonna take the weight that's all on we

the ceo he gets a larger pay now
ooh woah ooh woah i wanna know
his parachute is free to fly away now
ohh woah ooh woah uh huh uh huh
cuz is a profit more than a people?
is poverty more than a station?
we ignore their faces they scream of starvation



you got that 6 gun an unarmed man
the wickedest judge an unhatched plan
to murder off the youth of the original man
you want fe occupy they wall street
they gonna occupy your land
the wild wild western
him i fear

is largely off his rocker
real chief talker
busting off like blakka blakka
leave a casket popping toppers
situation they gon' learn
now check it babylon she gon fe burn

(ooh woah ooh woah)
uh huh uh huh
cause is a profit more than a people
is poverty no more than a station
we ignore their faces
they scream of starvation


u got that six gun
an unarmed man
the wickedest judge
an unhatched plan
to murder up the youth of the original man
you want fe occupy their wall street
their gonna occupy your land
the wild wild western
him eye fear
is largely off his rocker
won't you talk of bustin off like
blokka blokka
leave a casket proper topper
see the lesson they gon learn
now checking babylon she gonna burn

Track Name: Leave Me Alone
i didn't write any down so you can if you wish....:)
Track Name: Been Thru featuring Alison Carney
It's been a lifetime of bitter
A bucket fulll of grief and
And a 5 lb bag regret
Like 17 winters left me aching
From the weight of what i went and tried to forget
Now I suppose one may think that
All this means that the clouds never
wondered away but it's quite the contrary
and precisely the reason i decided to stay

what we've been through
(and over and over)
(me and you)

Its the warmth of other suns
A greener manicured lawn
That keeps em at each other necks
To unmended fences a tiny bit of doubt
and the fear of what's coming next
But the respite is needed
A hard road covered
With a smile and a course reproach
so it all ends well
With an un-puffed ego
And shared thought that let us know


we got
one ray of sun
A heavy burden laid down
an unfurled brow so baby dont you go now
don't go to bed angry
Lets keep it together
Got a decent proposal
Let's just stay here forever
A wee bit sharp but none to clever
But with you Love it gets all better

Track Name: Breeve Long E
Pedal to the floor
eyes wide open
W/ your Gas tank hugging E
U want 100 miles an hour
The past in the rearview
But ya top out at 63
A passion for the fast lane
Anywhere anything
Flashing lights
Stop signs
Runabout that's the chain
that's keeping you from being free

You've got to slow down and breathe

you on the run
you under the gun
Chasing those lucid dreams
Tray full of roaches on a endless roller coaster
Burning out at 1000 degrees
The candles at no end ya wicks all done up
And you wax on your memories so
Ain't nothing left
your nose blown open
And ya friends no where to be seen


Back from Betty
you hyped ever ready
your Chips in ya pockets
your hands close to steady
up in the fray
the jacks in the glove (box)
keys in the starter babe
and you are just thinking of

Track Name: Eaux Matic
9.99 for the 1st 15
I though u told this love was free
you closed the screen and disagreed (no static)
since you became a star
you got no time me

I said now baby dont u know what you doing to me (o-matic)
I can't afford to pay but I
Wanna see (so now you)

Letting all the vermin
with these cliques go free
I thought u said u was about me
Now you numbers all amok
6 figures it seems
I guess this cloud of love
Ain't made of dreams

So baby don't you know why you doing to me (o-matic)
I can't afford to pay but I wanna see
They follow you around across the virtual seas
just let em know that it's just you and me

O matic

Ain't never paid for love
So many cats run free
But dam if you ain't crushing this screen
Track Name: ZaZa Hey
now They place upon us target
We exaggerate our largess
Pump a chest no progress
Jump up confess and start it
Where's that fire
To burn Babylon desire
To free up ourselves inspire
So pick up your head get higher
This ain't romantic
Get up stands up demand it
May lose a life get stranded
One black fist get branded
They want your spirit
To crush it enough to steal it
To repackage it the sellit
Back to the I for profit

hey now (all right)
The People dancing stay in the light fantastic
Not a care in the world (all right)
We gonna chance it
free up our minds
Get frantic

So where you at king
Queen Don ya crown No slacking
We sing enough
Start acting
Bruk up this stuff
Stop asking
And take our justice
Our Freedom
Our kingdoms
Our lands and our people
Our futures we need to
Stop this hapless slackness
now Children
Bewildered wilderness
Is building
Free up ya mind
Be realist
Explode in visions
Manifest no prisons
Stop dying
get busy living

Track Name: Punchdrunk
All you seek is to be number one
and yes fabric of a tale that's spun
Filthy lucre from a joke
real fire stoker
broker of a deal not done
but now your Ego is the site
Accolades you desire
But the applause never seems enough

Punch drunk
Sipper of the kool aid free
Starstruck wrapped up in a jealousy
With all the gold
All the fame
Ya still just the same
But a mirror you nah want fe see

Set upon a throne
all draped in white
Speak acidic but
Ya feign like you the light
But the darkness peak out
In the secrets that you leak out
Behind ya mask ya speak so bold
But the Veil has been lifted
I know all the specifics
And the truth you have ne'er told
cuz u are

Punch drunk
Sipper of the kool aid free
Starstruck wrapped up in a jealousy
With all the gold
All the fame
Ya still just the same
But a mirror you nah want to see

Fame don't make u free
Money don't let you be
Power corrupts ya heart
And your mind
& often begets jealousy
Track Name: Old People Talk Too Much
Swept away on the winds of change and a sea of liquidity
Left her name on a bathroom wall
With the promise of a dangerous eve
They ain't know I iwas setting them up
2 girls 1 cup plus she runs with some toughs
we out for the night cuz we living it up
Set that speaker box out cuz we ready To cut

They told me live your life
you know you gonna make it right?
they told me live your life
you know you gotta take your time?
they told me

2 straight to black to wild.
No baggies no pills no vials
Grey chukkas and a stack mother(bleep)
and a penchant for living free
Snuggie on the backseat
Something in my glass
Nights on the way with a sneaker on the gas
Feeling 100 hundred no worries I'm on it and I'm.
Never letting life go past

You think you.

Wild boy you ain't nothing what them grown folks said to me
Y'all talk to Much with you foot on the clutch
switch gears
Cuz I bout to flee
Later I see I was tripping
Nothing Like a good ass whipping
To get you right where you need to be
thats what them really old folks told me